Cooper Tires

Everything You Should Know About Cooper Tires

Cooper Tires

Cooper Tires is the 11th largest global tire manufacturer and the 4thlargesttire manufacturer in the US. Owned by the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company of Findlay, Ohio, the company strives to be a part of the customers’ travelling experience by making superior quality products that make a difference. Operating with more than 10 brands and 6 types of tires, this company, along with its associates, divisions and joint ventures, has manufacturing facilities on 3 continents anda worldwide sales and distribution network and makes products that meet and exceed the demands of the world tire markets.

Under the able leadership of Roy Armes, CEO and President, the company has achieved new heights in tire manufacturing all around the world.


Characteristics of Cooper Tires

Made to last, Cooper tires are manufactured relying on a standard of excellence called ‘The Cooper way’, wherein the individuals within the organization collectively focus on philosophies and beliefs that are the foundation of the business, and produce a great product. Cooper produces 6 types of tires, which are listed below –

•    Performance – Designed to outperform, these tires provide an all season grip, and service cars, light trucks and crossovers.

•    Passenger–These tires look to provide comfort, add an attractive look to the vehicle, and provide a sturdy traction for all seasons. They are mostly designed for all types of passenger cars, sedans and crossovers.

•    Light Truck–Targeting their usage in all seasons, these tires provide for the highest grip off-the-road, and are used extensively for light trucks and light commercial vehicles.

•    Sport Utility – A combination of beauty and brawn, these are designed to bring about higher traction, comfort during the journey and a great appearance. They service SUVs, crossovers and vans.

•    Winter – As the name suggests, these primarily provide superior traction and control on snow, ice and slush, and fit passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs.

•    Commercial–The ultimate in long haul tires, these tires are made for retread ability, durability, excellent traction and off-the-road action to reduce costs and damage.

The latest additions to the family

Cooper Tires has been constantly innovating and bringing in new additions to its range of tires.

•    Discoverer HT3–In August 2013, Cooper Tire expanded its Discoverer line of premium products with the addition of the Discoverer HT3, a tire specially designed for light commercial vehicles and trucks for usage on the highways in all seasons. Its objective makes it resistant to abnormal wear and tear, making it a very dependable product in its category.


•    CS3 Touring – Expanding its range of on the road tyres this summer, Cooper Tires launched the CS3 Touring in June featuring Cooper’s novel technology aptly named StabilEdge. One of the lightest tires of its kind, it is focused on improving traction and fuel efficiency, ensuring a good and smooth ride on even the bumpiest of the roads.

•    Roadmaster RM234: Earlier this year in March, Cooper launched and showcased its new Road master commercial tire. Used exclusively for haulage, the RM234 offers protracted mileage and deep tread groves which make the tire extremely durable and providing excellent wear and tear resistance.